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Top Innovative Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Bathrooms are notorious for having a small storage space. Of course, you can remodel your bathroom, but that requires a lot of money and work. Generally, a cramped bathroom is something in which you must live in, but there are many ways using which you can make it tolerable. The trick is to be innovative and find solutions that allow you to use every half-inch of space without making it appear cluttered.

Everyone knows about space savers and cabinets that can be fixed over the toilet, not to mention the organizers that can be hanged on showerheads. These ideas are great, but not innovative. They are not always enough to fix storage issues. Here are a few creative and attractive ideas to make proper use of the space in the bathroom.

  • Wine racks- You read it right. It is not necessary that always wine racks must hold wine. Hang a wine rack on your wall and fill it with rolled towels. Not only do the towels fit in perfectly in curved bottle holders of the wine rack, but the wine racks also become a decorative part of your bathroom. Moreover, moving the towels out of the cabinets gives you added storage space where you can hide small items.
  • Shower curtains having pockets- If your shower curtain is simply hanging out there or not being used, it is time to use it. Buy a shower curtain that comes with pockets for storage purpose.  It is the perfect place for storing sponges, soaps, and extra razors. Buy one that will suit the design and colour of your bathroom.
  • Dual shower curtain rod- dual shower curtain rods can be used in different ways. First, you can make use of it to hide a shower curtain that has pockets. You just need to simply hang a shower curtain that comes with pockets on the inner rod and a more beautiful shower curtain on the outer part.  You can use the outer rod for hanging towels. These rods are found in tension mounts, which do not need any special hardware to install, or they can be fixed to the wall permanently. They can hold about 10 to 15 pounds easily.
  • Mesh laundry bag- If you have kids at home who love playing with their bath toys, then consider buying a simple mesh laundry bag. These bags will help you to collect all wet toys and hang them over the bathtub to dry. Later, you can pile that bag out of sight inside a storage bin. 
  • Towel racks- Replacing your towel racks with racks that have shelves over them will help in freeing up some counter space. Some of these include hooks that allow you to hang your extra towels or bathrobes. If you have limited wall space, consider buying a towel rack that you can install over the door. There are some towel racks that are designed to fit over the shower doors.
  • Shower organizer- If you love your shower curtain and do not want to replace it or if you are planning to install a dual shower curtain rod, it is better to buy a mesh shower organizer that can be hung from the shower curtain rings. The mesh prevents fungus growth and is machine washable.  

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