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How to Create Your Own Indoor Garden

Looking for a simple way to brighten your household? If yes, start an indoor garden.

No matter whether you live in an urban apartment or a single-storeyed rented house, you can find plants that you can grow indoors. Here are a few tips to assist you to ensure your success.

Lookout for best indoor lighting

Your indoor gardening success depends mainly on one thing, i.e. the amount of light you get. Plants need light to photosynthesize or else they will perish. Since indoor lighting is not as powerful as natural light, check your home to find the right location. Check the temperature to ensure if it is too hot or too cold. The direction of the window determines how strong the light will be. South is generally regarded as the strongest whereas west and east are moderate, and north is the weakest.

Based on your situation and what plant you want to grow; you may require supplementing with a grow light. Buy LED lights as they last longer and would not transfer much heat.

Find discount plants for the indoor garden

Once you find out the different lighting options that are available for you, next choose the right plants for your situation. You must know your watering and lighting requirements along with other care details to make sure the plants survive indoors.

Receive a cutting from a friend

Many plants feature the wondrous capability to reproduce themselves through cutting or other processes. Examples of such type of plants include snake plants, African violets, jade, and spider plants. Collect a few friends along with their houseplants, cut the rooting hormone and buy the houseplant cuttings. Water the plant, then encircle the stem inside a plastic bag to develop a humid environment. Within a few weeks, you will find roots sprouting from it, which in turn will give rise to a new houseplant. You can then transplant it for potting.

Recycle the produce scraps

You can also turn parts of several herbs, spices, and fruits into different houseplants. Easy options include avocado seeds, ginger, and pineapple tops. There are many tricks which you can use for recycling the scraps into living houseplants.

Look out for clearance racks

Most of the big box garden centres and independent nurseries have clearance racks where they place plants that have been facing problems to grow. Many do not grow because of improper watering and can be revived with some extra care.

Find School Plants Sales

Universities and colleges generally have a horticulture department with a greenhouse. At least once every year, most of them organize a plant sale where they feature various specimens of plants that students must study in the syllabus.

Right Containers for Indoor Gardening

Almost everything that can hold soil can be used as a container for indoor plants. The most important factor is the drainage. If your container does not have any holes, add a few at the bottom. You must choose a container that has enough space for the plant to grow, but make sure you don’t choose a big one.

Turning your home into a lovely garden is not that difficult as you imagine. If you have the right plants and good gardening skills, start planting now!

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