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Few Simple & Affordable Kitchen Decorating Ideas

If you believe that bigger is better then, maybe it is true, but not always, especially when we consider kitchens. Generally, small kitchens are regarded as efficient workspaces when compared to the large ones. Good design and space are not exclusive to a huge kitchen- all you require are some unique kitchen decorating ideas that keep your small space organized, beautiful, and functional.

Here, you will find some easy and affordable kitchen decorating ideas. Few of the most common small-kitchen complaints include less counter space, clutter, and a dark kitchen. Let us discuss these three problems in detail.

Less counter space

You have got some counter space, but do think it’s not enough? That is a common problem. Here, we have plenty of ideas for increasing the counter space in your small kitchen, including a method using which you can turn your sink into a cutting board.


Generally, clutter is caused when you don’t have enough space in the kitchen. Often, having more storage cannot solve the problem- decluttering and simplifying can. Check your drawers and cabinets and clear out the things that you don’t need anymore. As yourself whether you really need an eggbeater or a cherry-pitting tool. Once the cabinets are cleared, clean the counters by keeping away the items that cause clutter visually.

Dark Kitchen

Dark rooms usually appear smaller, so brighten the walls with fresh paint. Choose a light shade. If you are in life with your dark, rich cabinets, add various kinds of lights. Make use of under-cabinet lights for brightening the work area and accent your cabinets. With proper light, you can make your kitchen appear bigger, regardless of the colour you choose. Try some of these ideas:

  • Add LED strip lights to the shelves and below your cabinets for illuminating the counter space. You must just peel, stick and then plug inside
  • Replace incandescent energy-efficient bulbs
  • Buy pendant lights that can be attached to the existing light system. This will layer the room’s lighting
  • Change the old light fixtures
  • If possible, add a mirror to the kitchen wall or consider adding a mirrored backsplash for reflecting light

Here are a few small kitchen decorating ideas that are easy to implement:

  • Cooking tool wall storage: – You can take some inspiration from some of the top restaurant kitchens, which use industrial wall racks and hardware for storing utensils. Some of the ideas for storing tools and utensils on the wall:
  1. Hang racks for the utensils. A simple bar with few hooks can hold many tools with a hole in them. There are baskets that can be hung on the rack too for holding small items
  2. Hang a pegboard and use it for hanging tools. Keep the items organized by colour or use.
  3. Make use of wall magnets where you can store spice jars or knives
  • Pot racks: – While most of the small kitchens do not have the required space for large, rectangular pot racks, there are various other options for small spaces. Pot racks should not be hanged from the ceiling. Some of them can be wall mounted too.
  • More counter area: – If you want to create a contemporary kitchen then, one of the most significant design elements is simple, uncluttered kitchen counters. This not only looks modern but increases the counter area, making the cooking process much simpler. The first step is to put away all the small countertop items and appliances.

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