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Don’t Know How to Decorate A Small Space? Here Are A Few Tips

As you don’t have a huge home does not mean that you cannot flaunt your style. Decorating a small space, similarly like decorating a large one, just needs a good eye for things that work and what does not along with creativity.  And while the focus is naturally going to be a bit different when you work with less square footage, the general design rule will be pretty much the same.

Decorating a small space is not a big challenge. So, no matter whether you are trying to find out how to add a personal spin on your studio apartment or need some help on making the best use of space in a not-so-spacious home, follow these tips for decorating a small space and make your house look beautiful.

Allow light everywhere

A small room can open with the right lights. In addition to allowing natural light to shine in through the doors and windows, use extra lights throughout your space to bring in some extra warmth. If you do not have enough space for placing table and floor lamps, choose light options that do not occupy much space like wall scones, pendant lighting or string lights.

Keep big items outside your rooms

When you have a small space, it is not mandatory to abandon large furniture, but you must place them strategically. Keeping large items like couches, bookcases and think hutches against the wall will give a feeling of depth in the room.

Choose multi-purpose or folding furniture

Furniture that can be useful for many purposes will save both money and space. You will come across a lot of ingenious multi-purpose furniture items that will occupy less space in your room. The best thing about these kinds of furniture is when not in use, you can fold them and keep aside. Dining tables, desks and even king and queen-sized beds come in styles that can be put away to make more free space to move around. Likewise, you can find furniture that serves different purposes, like beds that can be converted to couches and side tables that can be converted to desks.

Use mirrors

Mirrors are great for adding both extra lights and at the same time, it adds additional space in the rooms as it reflects both the natural and non-natural light, providing an illusion of extra square footage. In a small room, you can keep a large mirror or arrange a few small ones. In addition, you can even create a gallery wall of mirrors.

Get rid of clutter

Less is often more when it comes to creating a well-designed small space. Try to keep minimum stuff inside your house. Make sure you leave enough space in the rooms so that people can move easily without any issue. This is applicable to all the visible areas, including the floor and countertops.

When it comes to storage, be creative

There are varieties of storage options that can be used as beautiful pieces of decor too. Choose furniture that comes with extra storage solutions, like ottomans that can keep linens inside it. Try to find innovative ways to store your items without simply throwing everything inside your closet.

When decorating a small space, work with things that look right. Ultimately, the objective is to take as much advantage as you can of the space that is left. Hope the tips above will help you do that.

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