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Study Room Decorating Ideas for Different Age Groups

The study is your private area within your private space in the entire wide world. This alone defines your extreme possessiveness and love towards it. Such an area must be designed in a different way keeping in mind the unique requirements of the user. Here, we will take you through various patterns that will help you to create a perfect study room for various members of your family, including you.

For toddlers

It is an age when kids learn things in a fun way. This room must be attractive and filled with all the interesting things that will help them learn the basic things. The décor of the room should reflect the same thing. Buy building blocks for your child, for example, building blocks that have numbers. These balls and blocks could be in various colours. You can even use bright-coloured cushions that come with letters or alphabets on them. If possible, create a chalkboard wall to learn and draw or write. You could also install a tent where you could read them a book and make them learn through various actions.

For teenagers

Teenagers prefer stylish things in their room. A study room for teens should be a place of learning, offering them some alone time for them. Filled with their favourite colours, keep a study table, a book rack, a relaxing couch, and a comfy chair. Their bookshelves can have photo frames with the photos of their loved ones. The relaxing couch can be their book reading area where they can read their favourite books and go to their imaginary world.

For youngsters

For collegegoers, who have a stylish and classy taste, a study room that reflects both these tastes would be perfect. The earthy-coloured table and chair, accessories and greens made of wicker and jute, make this area a paradise for the youths who love nature. The room looks spacious with minimum things that help the young ones widen their thinking ability.

For working professionals

Most of the working professionals do not require their own study room, mainly the ones who need to read books in their professional life, including doctors, lawyers, architects, etc. To make the room more adult-friendly, one can use raw wood furniture with ample storage, a leather couch, an office chair, a computer system, and a wall-size bookshelf. The room should be classy so that it can be at times used for hosting meetings.

Study Room Decorating Tips

  • Collect the materials- you should keep your entire material near to you so that you can find them. It’s about how you organize things. School supplies including erasers, paper, pencils, etc should have their own place, in the drawer or on the desk. Apart from the supplies, having a calculator or dictionary can be useful.  
  • Organize- The desk drawers in the room are not for nothing- keeping your items there is the best way to clear the desktop. If you do not have enough, or if they are not enough then, you can always go with an alternative like boxes and crates. You can decorate your desktop with these boxes and crates. These will allow organizing things in a much better manner.
  • Never overdo it- The objective of a study area is to improve your study performance. If you focus too much on beautifying the area instead of studying, you are not doing the right thing.

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