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How to Give Your Home a French Look

French style home

You know what people say…Paris is a good idea. As far as impeccable interiors are concerned, the French certainly have many options. French home decor is one of the popular and sophisticated home decor styles that can give a unique touch to your home. If you want to decorate your home in a Persian style, then you have come to the right place.

The French have an eye for refined, yet effortless home décor style. Typically, French spaces are classic and timeless with a touch of the modern age. In simple words, French apartments are like the effortless style of Parisian women- sophisticated, pared-back, and timeless.

Attaining an aesthetic that looks uncomplicated is anything but, so we sought the expertise of professionals. Having visited and photographed the homes of thousands of stylish and discriminating Parisians, professionals have a lot of things to say about what makes French home decor so desirable and how to get the look yourself.

French Home Decor Ideas

Basics of French Country Decor- French country style has a comfortable and warm feeling. What about the color? It is better to stay on the warm side of the color wheel with colors that have low to medium intensity. Think about warm pinks, soft yellows, creams, and baby blues.

The furniture should have simple and graceful lines. Purchasing older distressed furniture would be the right fit if you want to decorate your home in the French style. Wrought iron and rusted metal accents are incorporated into the shabby chic style- it is not about the wood décor.

French home decor in the kitchen- A French kitchen decor features lots of jars holding food staples. Find old, covered jars at thrift stores or garage sales to copy the look. You can add hand-painted labels or even print them using a home printer. Make use of old quaint street and grocery signs for wall décor. Again, you can make it of your own. Search craft stores for affordable metal signs and wall plaques. You can use wall planted made of wrought iron for hanging utensils or pots with strong hooks so that they do not fall.

How to use French home decor in the dining room- For a traditional French dining room, white-wash the old, mismatched chairs and make use of a wrought iron patio and garden table to keep your dining set. You can even repaint a wooden set or buy a brand new set that is painted in natural wood tones or pastels.

French home decor for the living room- Windows in France should not be weighed down by heavy fabrics and drapes like you would usually see in a traditionally styled space. Add lacy panels to allow the sunshine in while still giving privacy. On the front side of the window, try out a wrought iron garden bench with too many pillows to make it look like a window seat.

French home decor for your bedroom- An old iron garden gate would make a great headboard if you wanted to tie the French Country into a bedroom. Make use of an old metal garden bench where your bed ends and use it as a sitting area. Dressers painted pastel and warm colors and those distressed will bring that comfortable feel in the room.

How to Implement French Home Decor Styles in the bathroom- As far as the bathroom is concerned, you need too much storage space. Utilize wrought iron racks to store towels and old vintage wrought iron fruit bowls where you can keep washcloths and towels. An old painted buffet can be used as a vanity for the sink. These items will make your bathroom stand out. Are you thinking that French home decor is costly? No. It can be done within a small budget and can be done easily with old items, unused garden furniture, and fabrics.

French-style has progressed significantly since the unrepentant ornate decor of the royal era. After the French Revolution, people started to turn their backs on that over the aesthetic and go for a simple look with a subtle nod somewhere to the history of ornate design. Here are a few guiding principles for those who want to follow a French home décor.

Color- There is a lot of space for flexibility when it comes to color. Allow your personality to determine the palette you select. If you want to develop a calm feel, then you must go for neutrals like an off-white, white, mushroom, light grey, taupe, and serene green. If you want to improve the mood, bold colors are the best way to go. Teal, a red shade, emerald green- nothing is off-limits in the French interior design.

Wall- If possible, include a feature wall by using the unique French patterns. This is where you can include French design from the extravagant era. Nothing is as representative of the French culture as a popular fleur-de-lys style. Or else you can go bold with a nod to the regal décor history of France by choosing a wallpaper with Baroque or Rococo designs. For getting a muted vintage look, you can consider Toile de Jouy, which includes idyllic scenes on a light background.  Damask styles are a safe choice because they seem to be contemporary and traditional at the same time.

Decor- Look for at least one or more than one piece of vintage furniture or antiques that will assist you to balance the classic and contemporary style. Fabric choices allow you a lot of flexibility. If you like a simple look, then go with organic cotton as well as linens with subtle patterns for furniture or take the opposite way and select luxurious fabrics like brocade, lace, velvet, and silk. Again, it is your personality and taste that plays a significant role.

Light- If you are moving towards creating a dramatic ambiance, then hanging a chandelier is always the best option. There are too many designs to select from, some more classic whereas some contemporary designs. Generally, wall sconces come with silk shades with beads, fringes, crystals, or feather across the bottom rim.

Combine both new and old- A French family usually has some attractive old item lying around that becomes the center of attraction even in a room that has a modern home décor. If you do not have something like that available with you, then keep an eye on the home décor pieces that have a vintage look. Playing off the old with new is considered a foolproof and unique French design trick.

Place a gold mirror- If there is one item that you will find in every Parisian house or apartment is a gold mirror. In a typical Parisian house, you will find a huge gold mirror over the vintage chimney kept in the living room. It is a great method to get that touch of elegance and adore, and nothing makes a room appear bigger and brighter than a huge mirror.

Keep a vintage rug- People of France love to combine modern furniture with antiques. You will always see a beautiful vintage rug in a typical Parisian house. It is better if it is a rug that you purchased at an artisanal flea market. If you cannot, no worries! There are a lot of home décor companies that sell vintage-inspired rugs.

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