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How to Use Artificial Plants for Home Decor

ways to use artificial plants

Greenery and flowers can make a home’s exterior and interior fresh lively and fresh. Plants are the perfect decorating solution when a living space feels sterile, impersonal, or cold. The problem is that plants can be costly and be challenging for busy households to maintain. Luckily, there are alternatives. These days, artificial plants look like real plants and are appealing to households of every size and style. There are a lot of reasons to consider artificial plants for home decor. Some of them are:

  • Are you living in a drought-prone area where watering plants is not allowed?
  • You do not have time to water the plants?
  • Do you live in an area with a too-short growing season or that is too cold to grow attractive trees or flowers?
  • Is your backyard or balcony too shady for growing flowers?

In all these situations, artificial plants could let you enjoy the beauty of greenery or flowers at home without the drawbacks that accompany plants. Whether you are decorating your home or modifying it, artificial plants can be one of the best tools in your design scheme.

There are countless ways to incorporate faux trees, silk flowers, man-made greenery, and AstroTurf into your garden and home. Let us look at some of the popular artificial plants that can be used for decorating landscape and home decor.

Benefits of Using Artificial Plants for Home Decor

The first and biggest advantage of keeping artificial plants at home is that they do not need periodic watering, pruning, and fertilizing. So, if you are busy and do not have much time to look after real plants, then artificial plants are the best option for you.

Unlike natural plants, artificial greenery will not attract pests, bugs, and insects.

They need less maintenance like cleaning the stems or leaves once every week.

Artificial plants will not demand a specific type of soil, temperature, light condition to stay afresh and alive. You can therefore have plants in the dull rooms.

Artificial plants do not cause any allergies and are safe for pets also.

Most importantly, they stay fresh every time.

Now, there are a few things that you should know about home décor plants when you aim to decorate your home. The first thing that you should consider while buying home décor plants is the material used to make those plants. Those silk plants are better when compared to the plastic ones?   Do you know why? Because silk plants look closer to natural plants are easy to clean.  They are quite flexible- so that you can bend the plant in any direction. On the contrary, plastic plants are difficult to bend and one can easily understand that they are not real.

using artificial plants for home

Here are the different types of artificial plants that look great in any home décor:

Artificial bushes and shrubs- This looks beautiful when kept in pots, adds a sense of modern elegance to your area. You can even hang these on the ceiling or wall.

Artificial trees- These are best when placed in any corner of a room to improve the height of a space and create a bold statement. They look awesome when placed on both sides of the door as it adds a sense of grandeur.

Artificial palm trees and bamboo trees- When you want to have a tropical feel, but the harsh Australian climate is not allowing you to do that, these artificial tropical plants will do the magic! Palm trees and bamboos create a sense of tranquility and calm in any space, which makes them perfect for bedrooms.

Artificial flowering plants- Flowering plants are extremely finicky, with most of the flowers being seasonal. Make sure your house is full of beautiful flowers all year round with these fake flowering plants. You can keep them on the dining table as a centerpiece, or the bedroom side table and use them as an evergreen accessory.

How to Use Artificial Plants for Home Decor

Artificial plants with a vase containing water for side tables

These are artificial home décor plants that come in a glass vase and when you see you will feel like there is water inside. But that is just for the show. They have a transparent synthetic material known as solid water. Mostly, these vases have flowers with a leafy stem which adds a nice flair to the tables. You must have noticed these artificial plants in restaurants and coffee shops.

Hang faux ferns in a pot and keep houseplants in places where real ones would not survive

Many houses lack sufficient light which is required to keep real houseplants healthy and happy- but placement does not matter if you choose to decorate with their artificial equivalents. Keep the planters filled with artificial plants on the bookcases, in bare corners as well as in bathrooms. Most of these houseplant styling tips work well for both silk plants and real ones.

best artificial plants for your home

Add potted faux trees flanking the entrance of the home

Potted trees can improve the look of an entrance, offering vitality and charm to the entrance. The faux version is perfect for use in situations where there is not enough space for real trees to grow their roots and flourish. It is not perfect for real trees to be growing close enough to a home that the roots would hinder the foundation of the building, electrical, or plumbing systems.

Artificial trees to keep near the front door

When we hear the term, “Artificial Plants”, the first thing that strikes our mind is “Christmas Tree.” How attractive your home looks with its presence which you purchase during Christmas? There are different types of artificial trees that you can purchase to improve the beauty of your home. Pomegranate, Bonsai, Areca Palm- you will find plenty of options like these which can add more beauty to your home. These home décor plants can be kept in front of your home or near the entrance. To make it more attractive, you can cover the base of these trees with bamboo canes. If at all you have a nice terrace, you can keep the artificial plants in one corner and place a small bed under it on which you can relax or read a book.

Flowering Artificial Home Decor Plants for keeping on the Coffee table/ dining table

Who does not love flowers? They add excitement to an area and that is why an artificial flowering plant would be a great addition to your home. Gather the multi-colored artificial plants and keep them as a centerpiece on the dining table. The dining table is a space where the entire family sits and enjoy meals together. The energy of this place would be augmented with the presence of these colorful flowers.

For the coffee table, make sure the color of the flower is in contrast with the wall’s color. For instance, if the color of your walls in that room is yellow, then, you can choose the red flowers. If the color of the wall is pastel, then, choose blue or pink color flowers.

If you are looking for artificial flowers to keep on the bedside table, choose artificial peace lily plants with flowers. That would attach harmony and peace while sleeping.

Artificial plants for bathroom- Foliage plants mean a burst of colorful leave that enliven any area. For your bathroom, you can choose these foliage plants as bathrooms are dull. With the addition of artificial plants- the area will start glowing.

Buy these home décor plants and give your home a new look and feel. Among these artificial plants for home décor, which is your favorite? Please let us know.

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