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How to Decorate your Home in Winter

winter home decor ideas

Let us admit it: the time after Christmas is one of the most depressing times of the year. Once Christmas gets over, you are left with the dry and cold winter ahead! You can cheer up by decorating your home and get inspired by these winter home decor ideas. There are a lot of ways to celebrate the season and feel cozy inside your home.

If you want to welcome the winters in style, here is a combination of our experience and your creative skills that can make your house winter-ready within a few days.

Every season has unique characteristics. Home decor specialists take inspiration from different natural aspects. The home décor trends most of the time remain constant. Interior designers keep a tab on the recent decoration trends. They can help you to capture the essence of a specific season creatively. Simple winter decorations for your home can improve the charm of your home. But, before we get into the home décor ideas for winter, let us first see why are home decorating ideas for winter important?

Not everybody likes to go out and party in crowded places. You can even invite your friends to your place and enjoy yourself. If you want to impress your guests, then you must pay attention to winter home décor trends. You must revamp your apartment with perfect winter home decorations to welcome the guests.

However, a layman may find this task of decorating their home challenging. Interior décor professionals can offer simple home décor tips, which can add an oomph factor to the party. Many people assume that they must spend a lot of money on decorating their home in winter. Here, we will offer you some easy and inexpensive home décor ideas, which can improve the beauty of your home.

Hanging balloons and streamers in the living room are conventional methods. If you are looking for some unique, out-of-the-box winter home decor ideas, then check out what we have for you. Many corporate organizations throw New Year parties for their clients and employees. If you want to decorate your office, then there are several office décor ideas too.

Popular Winter Home Decor Ideas

Many think that home decoration is straightforward, and one does not need to call any professionals. However, if you lack adequate information and skills, then you may fail to achieve the goals. If you want to decorate your home, then you can read lifestyle magazines for getting unique home décor ideas. You can attain substantial details about the recent trends in interior design from online videos also. But you will need suggestions from experts while arranging things.

Door decor

You can attract the guests as soon as they step in front of the main entrance. Home decor specialists suggest to you opt for outdoor winter decorating ideas. You can either create a twig or woolen wreath and then hang it on the entrance door. You can also fill the mason jars with Epsom salt for getting a snowy and winter look, then add small candles and line the walkway. It will show you how creative you are.

Create fake a fireplace

Apartment dwellers and urbanites. Get creative to craft a spot to hang your stockings and lend a little Christmas cheer to any room. You can transform a canvas drop cloth, chalkboard paint, and drapery hardware into mock mantel wall hanging that you can just roll and store when the winter gets over.

Cushion covers with a sweater

How about making cushions using a sweater? Yes, you can. This is one of the unique winter home decor ideas. You can buy unique cushion covers, which look like sweaters. Once you start using these covers, it seems as if your cushions are wearing a woolen shirt. It is a useful trick that can attract your guests.

Natural wall hangings

For cozy home decor, natural wall hangings play a significant role. You can buy pinecones from the home interior stores in the local market.  Color them in warm colors and add glitter over these pinecones. And then you can tie these cones on a rope. It becomes a great DIY wall-decor piece that symbolizes the arrival of the winter season.

Woolen lampshades

Another notable winter home décor idea is to use woolen lampshades. If you do not want to spend money, then better knit it yourself. In case you do not have knitting skills, then buy woolen lampshades from the store.  These are available in different colors and sizes.

If your home has a contemporary décor theme, then you must maintain a proper balance with it. Here, it is the significance of white woolen lampshades that comes to your rescue. The demand for ivory and white woolen lampshades is high in the market.

Various Uses of Faux Fur

Professionals suggest that you can revamp the look of your home with artificial fur. Faux fur is perfect for winters. You can use Faux fur carpets as well as cushion covers. You will get faux fur pillow covers in the market. You can add comfort and warmth to the bedroom.

Apart from this, you can put faux fur chair covers that come at an affordable price. Therefore, your winter decoration spree will not affect your budget. If you do not know where to find these, then it is better to consult with an interior designer.

Wintry blooms

Design a floral centerpiece that includes warm holiday hues and that will immediately liven up your dinner table. Arrange different red flowers, succulents, and berries in a countryside wicker basket. Make use of a floral wire to tame stubborn plants and stems, add pinecones around the base and you are ready to host the winter parties.

Yarn-wrapped vases

This is one of the unique home decor trends that can give a new look to your home and make you feel cozy during the winter. Cover plain glass vases with strands of yarn, and tie with the wood knitting needles. For textured strands, weave lengths of yarn and tie around the vases. Add baby’s breath, ranunculuses, twigs, and snowberries.

Candles wrapped in bay leaf

This is a perfect one for a festive table. You can even place it on top of the mantel or tucked in a fireplace instead of a fire. You can make a bay leaf wrapped candle by covering a pillar candle with twine. Tuck fresh thyme, bay leaves, or rosemary under the twine.

 Wool and cable-knit decor

Deck the table with too many wools and repurposed cable knit sweaters for a cozy and winter décor party. Cover yarn around oversized flower vases, and knitting needles for additional flair, to build a unique centerpiece. Tie yarn balls to the backside of the chairs and cover the seats with sweater pieces to make thematic seats.

Greenery and Winterberries

This is one of the simplest ways to spruce up any table. Arrange evergreen branches and winterberries in a galvanized bucket. Here, a simple garland can add a wintery touch to the country look.

Winter lighting ideas

During the winter there are just a few hours of daylight, so it is important to ensure that your space feels bright and inviting throughout the season. Bring floor lamps to lighten dark corners and keep small fixtures on top of the side table or over the mantel. If you are looking for a permanent solution, then you can consider a pendant light in the air.

Try these home decor ideas and give a new look to your home without spending too much money. If you know any other home décor tips or ideas, share your ideas with us in the comment section below.

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