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Stylish and Smart Ways to Decorate Empty Corners of your Room

One of the biggest challenges that you need to overcome when you are decorating a space is finding a way to utilize the empty corners in the best way. Often, the corners remain empty and it is a big wastage of space.  There are many ways in which the corners can be decorated efficiently.

Sometimes the living room corners offer you with the right amount of room to work with to make it unique. It is those little characters that can create a unique look in the room. It can be anything like unique furniture, interesting shelves or plants. Items like these can make all the difference when you want to make the corners of your living room eye-catching and intimate. For those who want to decorate the empty corners of the living room, here are a few easy tricks and tips to follow.

  • Create a cosy lounging corner with a chair and a large-size plant nearby.  This produces an ambience that is more inviting and earthy than ever before. And why not opt a decoration that lessens the carbon monoxide in the room and lessens dust and pollutants in your area?
  • Install floating corner shelves to show your favourite books, knickknacks, or any kind of prized possessions. This can save a huge space. And it suits every room. It uplifts the space completely and makes it multidimensional.
  • You can create your own small record station corner that is both nostalgic and stylish. When you want to entertain your guests, this is a fun little corner for this. For this, you must collect your favourite records from the music stores and estate sales. Arrange those in the shelves and use a meaningful art above your music record player for completing this look.
  • You can turn the wall of your living room or corner into a small gallery by using small and large art pieces. Rugs and art always bring soul and warmth into a room.  For a gallery wall, you do not require a large wall. A corner is enough. Make use of blank space to create an attractive and asymmetric display. For an attractive look, you can even try colouring your wall with a new colour.
  • Don’t have a huge office space? Give yourself a small work area and hang a few pieces of art over it to add ambience and dimension to your favourite room. If you are among those who have multiple workstations at your home, this will help you to become more organized.
  • You can place a huge bookshelf in the empty corner and add a plant to complete the look. This is one of the best ways to keep the place organized and thus you will have a separate place for all your favourite board games and books.
  • If you do not want to build shelves or do something dramatic, here is a simple solution: Add a small plant, which will bring texture, dimension and a much-required dose of greenery.

When you have an empty corner in your house, try these solutions mentioned above to utilize that space to the maximum.

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