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Ways to Decorate your Bookshelf

All of us love our bookcases…. It is a place where we keep our favourite books. But sometimes they can look a little messy. While there is something aesthetically pleasing about a whole wall with books only, sometimes you simply want to snap things a bit. Here is how to decorate a bookshelf and bookcases. Here are a few tricks that you can do to make your bookshelves look attractive and functional.

  • Try strategic stacking- Lay all of them down. Add a few sections of books stacked in a horizontal manner to add a bit of dimension to your shelves. Not only does it change the monotony of vertical standing books, but it produces spots among your books to the front-face your favourites or other items. It is a great way to show off any wonderful book spine poetry you have written!
  • Add cute bookends- Arrange those books in style! Bookends are not only great for keeping your books from falling, but also gives another chance to showcase your personality. How about adding some crystals? You can add some beautiful agate bookends to your bookshelves. Do you love snacks? How about adding the bookends that are shaped as a cute doughnut? You can also add a little spray paint to a pair of bookends to make them look extra flashy.
  • Include fun lighting- You can highlight your book collection by adding some extra lights to your bookshelf. A string of fairy lights is one of the simplest and fun ways to add a spark to your bookshelf. If you like winter, add icicle-shaped lights. This will give your bookshelf a look of a winter wonderland.
  • Arranging books sideways- Something as simple as turning your books on their side can turn a simple bookshelf into a chic display. For this, you need to place stacks of 3 to 6 books on each shelf as risers, then cover them from the top with a knickknack of the vintage letter. Make sure you leave some space in and around the books so that you have enough space in your room that you can utilize for displaying other larger items or picture frames. Do you have a few books whose covers are too attractive? If so, make sure you display them in the right way.
  • Decorate with wallpaper and paint- The extensive back of a bookcase is the right location for a bold accent colour or a uniquely styled wallpaper. A colourful shelf helps in adding the right amount of attraction and dimension. It is better to choose neutral colours so that the colour can pop up. While choosing a wallpaper, focus on tighter patterns so that it does not overwhelm the eyes. Ensure you leave about one-third of the shelving area open so that you can watch your fashion-forward support.
  • Use your own style- After all, it’s your bookcase, so it should reflect your style, like for example who you are, what do you like, etc. Do you want to display your hardbacks and store the paperbacks in a box below your bed? Do it, but with a style. Liked the bookshelf you saw at your friend’s place? Try decorating it the same way, but with a touch of your style.  The only rule is to make a space a place that you will love.

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