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Few Inspiring Sectional Sofa Designs for Living Room

sectional sofa

Whether you want to renovate your living room, or you have a brand-new room to fill, you may want to choose a sectional sofa. Sectional sofas are great due to their versatile nature. They are ideal for both small and large spaces. Here are some of the best sectional sofa designs that can fill all that extra space in a large room while providing enough seating space.

What makes the sectional sofas work in small areas, however, is one of the counterintuitive design principles. In smaller areas, you want to go larger with your furniture. Putting small pieces into the area becomes tricky as you must arrange them all so that they are facing appropriate directions yet spaced far enough from each other to avoid a cluttered look. You end up utilizing less floor space by putting a sectional sofa, while still creating plenty of seating arrangement. So, have a look at some of the creative sectional sofa designs mentioned below for your living room.

Best Sectional Sofa Designs

Bright colors

Sectional sofas are a great design element to utilize for getting some color in the area. As they are large pieces, they tend to outline the area and fix the tone. If you are interested in working with a specific color scheme, you can make use of the base color on the sectional sofa and experiment with different shades and textures in smaller pieces.  

Another choice you have with you is to choose a neutral/light space and only have the sectional sofa as bold color. It will help you to create a beautiful accent color. Another idea is to choose a bold color on the sectional sofa and then select other bright shades around the room for a contrasting feeling. This works best in boho and artsy spaces.

Here are a few ideas detailing bright colors in the sectional sofa designs. A great aspect of the sectional sofas, too, is that several designs come up with different bright color selection for whatever shade you have in your mind.

best sectional sofas

Attractive textures

One of the excellent ways to bring some style into space is to work with bold texture in sectional sofa design. If you are planning to use different pieces in the same color, you can still create a visual appeal by choosing various textures.

Deep tufting is a common texture on the furniture. That develops visual depth. You might also choose a certain fabric with geometric designs. Lavish fabrics like for example, soft velvet can also be used for creating a smooth visual texture, as well as being comfortable to sit on. 

Unique geometrical shapes

Another method to find a piece of furniture that will set the tone of the area is to choose sectional sofas that come in geometrical shapes. Some of the styles get artistic, to a point where you must see them and feel them. Other styles acquire a more practical route by integrating useful ottomans in a puzzle-like square-shaped design. Some geometric styles also opt for a modern and sleek look that looks great in contemporary areas.

These interesting sectional sofa designs could be the best thing to renovate your living room! Try any of them.

best sectional sofas for your home

Curved sectional

This is one of the attractive and best sectional sofa designs. A semi-circular or a curved sectional sofa softens the ambiance of the living room and is a refreshing end to the linear shapes. The ends of this sofa do not come with an armrest or back, which gives a chaise-like feel.

Lounger sofa

This timeless section sofa design features a retractable backrest for sitting in various comfortable positions. Finished with leather upholstery, it seems to be the ultimate lounger sofa.

Full-length leather sectional sofa design

A full-length leather sectional sofa is a perfect choice if you have a big family with kids as there will be always someone to spill something. Leather couches are easy to clean and as it is a sectional sofa, it is huge enough to accommodate everyone.

Leather sectional sofas are one of the best sectional sofa designs and a common sofa design, mainly seen in big fat Indian families where functionality and style go together. These sofa designs are available in various textures and colors to match the aesthetics of your living room.

Small sectional sofa for a living room

If you like the idea of having a sectional sofa but you feel you do not have enough space in your living room, then a small sectional sofa can solve the issue. A small sectional sofa design can fit even the smallest room. It is the best option for a small family. Not to mention, the texture color and patterns of your sectional sofa can be customized according to your taste and preference.

Low height sectional sofa with tufted seats

A sectional sofa with a touch of chesterfield sofa’s tufted seats is one of the best sectional sofa designs that every living room deserves. Further, this sectional sofa design is low in height that makes it look unique and provides the right height to straighten your legs and helps you to maintain the right sitting posture. The tufted seats not only make this otherwise plain sofa look stylish but are a great backrest.  

Sectional sofa with patterned upholstered seating

If you are bored with the conventional plain sofa design and would like to buy a sofa that is unique and stylish, it is better to choose a sofa that comes with patterned seating. A patterned sofa will add a touch of freshness to the room. There are various patterns as well as textures available in the market. You can even choose a dual-layered sofa where the sofa’s base is in grey and is topped with a patterned seating that gives a cohesive look.

Just like any investment quality furniture, the best sofa for your money must keep practicality the main priority as couches are pieces that you will live with for the long haul and should a wide variety of advantages regarding practicality including simple to clean fabrications, lightweight for moving it easily, neutral upholstery to make sure that they look attractive in any room, convertible options if possible, and obviously, the comfort level. No matter whichever section sofa design you choose, there are certain things that you must consider while buying one.

Longevity- Besides keeping a comfortable sofa at the top of your priority list, research brands and fabrications to get the most life you can out of your new buys as you will want couches that are simple to clean and stain-resistant, easy to modernize with fresh upholstery, all while boasting quality construction to avoid any kind of loose springs or uneven spots.

Style and comfort- While considering the best sectional sofa options for your home, make sure you consider both comfort and style.  Find out the most comfortable couch that is high on style as they are one of the important furnishings that will stay with you for years so be sure it is made of high-quality material. From affordable sofas to pure splurges, keep the comfort value as a key priority when you explore the various options that are worth investing in.

Convertible- Looking for the most comfortable couch but do not know which styles to choose? To get the maximum use from sofas to consider, choose smart convertible designs as they can be used as a spare bed whenever needed. When searching for the best sofa bed, go beyond the normal and seek out convertible couches that do more than a simple standard cot.

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