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Feng Shui Guide to Choose the Right Feng Shui Colours for your Kitchen

There are plenty of ways to add colour and life to your kitchen. How can you know which colour brings the best energy with it? Here is a list of Feng Shui kitchen colour guidelines that can prove to be helpful. Even though it is a difficult subject, here are a few tips that will make it simple for you to choose the right kitchen colour. In Feng shui, the choice of colour depends on your kitchen’s location.

South Area Kitchen- It is one of the most promising kitchen locations in Feng Shui as it works well with the Fire Feng Shui element energy of that specific area. If you have a kitchen located in the South, you can experiment with various fiery colours like bright red to bright yellow to sun-kissed orange. You can also utilise varieties of Wood element colours like brown and green. Colours that should be avoided in a South area kitchen are black and blue.

Southwest Area Kitchen- If you have a kitchen in the Southwest area, you are lucky. Fire element nourishes for the Earth element in this area, so you can go wild with fiery colours like bright ted to yellow to purple to orange. Earth element colours and décor items are good. Some of the colours that must be avoided are grey, black, white, and blue.

West Area Kitchen- As per Feng Shui, a kitchen situated in the West requires some attention and care, as the Fire element of the kitchen can diminish the Metal element energy of this area. You must avoid too many fire elements colours in this area and rather focus on strong Earth element décor. Few colours that are excellent for a kitchen situated in the West are clean greys, warm earthy colours, and fresh whites.

North Area Kitchen- If your kitchen is in the North, you will have to alter the fine art of Feng Shui Colour balancing. You must keep the Water element of this area satisfied by offering the best décor and colour for it. For a north area kitchen, colours like grey, blue, white, and black are apt. For a north area kitchen, you must maintain a balance between fire and watercolours by using maximum blue, grey, white, and grey colour.

Northeast Area Kitchen- A kitchen located in the Northeast area is as simple to work with as a kitchen in the Southwest area, as both share the same element, i.e. the Earth. So, try to use as many fiery colours as you can- from strong fire truck red to bright yellow and, of course, bring plenty of Earth element colours and decor. Try to avoid colours like blue, white, grey, and black colours. 

East Area Kitchen- Taking extra care is good for a kitchen located in East, just because too much Metal or Fire elements can damage the Wood element energy of this area. So, it is better to avoid too many Fire element colours. Instead, focus on the Earth Feng Shui element. Brown and green colours are great for the East area kitchen.

Centre Area Kitchen- A centre area kitchen requires the same Feng Shui energy as a kitchen located in the Northeast and Southwest areas; all of them share the same Earth element. Decorate the centre area with either Earth or Fire element colours and try to restrict the colours of both the Water and Metal element.

So, there you have the simple Feng Shui guide to choose the best colours for your kitchen.

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