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Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Right Dining Table

A dining table is an important expensive investment. It must be sturdy, strong and in right size and shape. Among the various furniture that is needed for your home, whether moving to a new one or renovating the current one, dining tables are one of the important things. One can do without a sofa or any other small piece of furniture, but without a dining table, it is difficult to survive.

Are you confused about what makes a perfect dining table? Don’t know what are the features that you must consider while buying a dining table? If so, then, read on. Here are a few things that you must keep in your mind while choosing a dining table for your home.


Tables are not purchased to be sold year after year. Most often a costly investment, if you want a dining table that can last through several years without any wear and tear, mess-ups, stains and the like, select something that is made from hardwood like teak, walnut, oak, and maple. Engineered and composite woods like for example, MDF and ply are long-lasting and strong but may last for a longer period.


If you have a small area then, you must make maximum utilization of the area where you want to put the dining table. First, find the spot where you want to keep your dining table. This will help you to fix the right shape and size of the dining table.


There are wide varieties of dining tables available in the market that are made of different shapes. You can choose among oval, round, rectangle, and square. Keep in mind that a round table with a stand on the middle occupies less area while offering more space to keep the chairs when not in use. Rectangle and square tables fit snugly in the corners whereas if you have tight rectangular rooms then, better to use oval tables.


The material used while manufacturing dining tables affect the price range. This also determines how difficult or easy it will be to maintain it. For example, dining tables made of solid wood is costly, but they are long-lasting and requires less maintenance. If you want to look for another lighter option, you can choose one made of wood veneer. If you find stone or marble tops attractive then, keep in mind that although they look beautiful, but is difficult to move from one place to another.

Bright colours

Though it might be tempting to experiment with different colours in the dining area, it is suggested to stick to a few basic colours. You can try with colours like blue, yellow, white as they easily get merged with the rest of the room’s décor. As far as Asian décor is concerned, Red is considered as a popular colour. It looks beautiful but must be surrounded by various subtle colours to avoid a colour clash.


It is significant to consider how often the dining table will be moved around before you buy one. Heavy-weight rectangular/square tables may be huge, hard to move from one corner to another and big pain when shifting homes. So, it is always advised that round tables made of any material should be purchased. One can also choose a table made of plastic available in different sizes and designs.

Next time, when you purchase a dining table, keep these points in mind. It will help you to select the right piece of furniture.

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