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Things You Should Never Keep in Your Bedroom

In a busy life, your bedroom is the place where you can relax and enjoy some free time. So, why clutter up a would-be zen zone with products that destroy the calmness? Make sure you get full rest and relaxation by simply keeping these things away.


Electronic gadgets like televisions, tablets, smartphones, and tablets should be away from your bedroom. These electronic gadgets emit a blue light, which is not good for your health. While this light improves mood and alertness in the day, at night it can disturb your natural sleep.  Health experts suggest everyone should keep their phone away from them at least 2 to 3 hours before going to sleep. There are many, for whom this might seem to be an impossible task, but if you want a peaceful sleep, keep all light-emitting electronics out of your bedroom.


If you are a pet lover, you must be thinking that why should pets, mainly the ones who are so cute, be kept away from the bedroom? Well, they can disturb your sleep by waking at odd hours of the night and may want you to play with them. They may even worsen the pre-existing allergies, asthma and track fleas on your bed. It is ok to cuddle with your pet on the couch, but never bring them in your bedroom.

Family Photos:

Everyone loves their family and wants to live close to their family members. It is better to keep the family photos in the living room or in the entrance, but never in your bedroom. According to Feng Shui, you should not keep your family photo in the bedroom. They trigger memories of responsibilities, and all those memories will make you anxious and not allow you to sleep.

Space heaters

A warm bedroom in winter is difficult to beat. However, if you are warming up with a space heater, be cautious. If you are using one in your bedroom, then make sure you turn it off before you go to sleep and never ever leave it unattended. If you forget to follow this protocol, then maybe it is time to purchase a warmer bedding set.

Food items

We agree to the point that there is nothing more loving and satisfying than waking up from a relaxed sleep on the weekend and enjoying a delicious breakfast on the bed. Sure, it is convenient and comfortable, but have you ever thought about the unwanted ants and pests that will come along with your food? For sanitation purposes, it is better to have food in the dining area.

Too much light

Natural light is perfect to wake up in the morning but can disturb your sleep if it gets inside your room before your alarm rings. To avoid this, choose thick and dark-coloured curtains to block the light from coming in.  Use dim lights in your bedroom.

Extra pillows

With bed covers and shams, your bed may sometimes look overcrowded with too many pillows. Avoid using too many colourful and decorative pillows at night while sleeping. Unless you are sleeping on a king-sized bed with too many pillows on the bed. After all, when you sleep where will you accommodate so many pillows?

Not getting a perfect sleep. Keep these items away from your bedroom and enjoy a relaxed sleep.

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