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Keep your Clothes Organized with these space-saving tips

If your closet is overflowing with clothes and you don’t know what needs to be done, then you have come to the right place. Here, you will find a few ways to organize your clothes for maximizing space by making DIY drawers, colour coding the closet, and much more!

  • DIY drawers: Keep your sock and underwear drawers organized by making use of shoe boxes as different compartments. You need to cut the boxes in half widthwise and lengthwise and place them inside a drawer. Once done, stick the different items into the designated boxes, like socks in one, underwear in another, and folded bras in yet another.
  • T-shirt rolls: Maximize the drawer space when you put away your t-shirts by making use of this rolling method. You need to fold the shirts lengthwise in thirds, sleeves must be folded to the back. With the face of the shirt pointing downwards, roll it from the bottom. Place the rolled short inside the drawer so that its front side starts facing out- it is especially significant if the shirt has a design or logo that will help you find it when you open the drawer. This way, you can not only fit in more tees inside the drawer, but you will be able to find one that you want in no time.
  • Fashion Organizer: Never spend another morning thinking about what to wear. Take the photos of your clothes and label every item by style, colour, brand or season. Then, mix and match those pieces to create new dresses anytime you want to portray a new look altogether. 
  • Keep track of your clothing habits: Many professional organizers agree that we wear 20% of our clothes most of the time. To maintain a track of your most frequently worn clothes, try the hanger monitoring system. For this, you need to keep all the hangers backwards on the rod. When you take a cloth out of the closet, turn the hanger to another direction. Follow this system for a few weeks. This way you will get an idea of which cloth you wear the most. After continuing this for a few months, you will get an idea of those clothes that you need to throw away.
  • Colour code the closets: Do you need a little assistance while coordinating outfits? If so, then the best way is to organize your clothes by colour. It is much easier to find matching combos in a glance inside your closet. If you find any item stick out or if something does not coordinate with other things, keep them in the “donation” section.
  • Do-it-yourself tiered closet hangers: You can create more closet space using link chains. Hang a chain from the rod of your closet using hooks, stick your hangers into single links for additional storage. Visit your local hardware store to buy chains and ask someone to cut many one-foot long segments for you. This way, you will have multiple tiered hangers for having maximum space.

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