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Decorating Tricks for a Bedroom Makeover

If you are looking for a retreat to a relaxing space where you can relax at the end of a tiring day, you do not have to invest thousands of dollars in a top-to-bottom bedroom makeover. All these ideas are very easy and simple to follow. If done in the right way, it will create a dramatic difference in your available area. Check out a few ideas for a complete bedroom makeover using which you can decorate your bedroom in the best and modern way.

Ideas for a Complete Bedroom Makeover

  • Reconfigure: A bedroom makeover is like a road trip. Without a map or clear way, you might not reach your destination. In the next step, you will reconfigure your bedroom furnishings to match the vision of your mind. Start with the basic questions: Does your bedroom furniture suit your requirements and tastes? Is your bed large enough? Answers to these questions will help you to create your dream bedroom. Once you are clear with your basics, have a look around your bedroom. Now is the time to get into details. Check if the furniture is positioned appropriately and accessories are shown perfectly. Experts believe that everything starts with a bed; a simple rule of thumb that you must follow is to keep your bed near to the longest wall of your bedroom. Place your remaining furniture in the most complementary position around your bed.
  • Flower lights: These adorable and cute flower lights are a perfect addition for hanging a string of beautiful Christmas tree lights. Making flower lights is very easy and does not require too many things. For making coloured flower lights, all you need are few cupcake liners and a scissor. You must cut the cupcake liners into the shapes of leaf and flower with a hole in the middle of each flower. Then using glue or tape, you can fix them back in the light.  
bedroom makeover ideas
  • Paint: One of the important ideas for a complete bedroom makeover is regarding the colors of the room. Choosing the right paint for your bedroom is important as it has a direct effect on your mood. That is why one of the simplest ways to give your bedroom a new look is to change the color of the wall. When you choose the paint color, you must consider your lifestyle and personality. For instance, if you love gardening, you may want to choose a yellow or soft green paint. These colors will recreate the feeling of outdoors. You must think about your style too. To create a modern and glamorous feeling in your bedroom, choose a dark color, like dark blue, deep grey, or black. Always keep in mind that the ultimate purpose of a bedroom is to offer a relaxing retreat for sleep. Though there is no wrong or right choice, it is better to avoid energizing and bright colors- like bold red, orange, or yellow. As these colors tend to excite instead of relaxing.

However, the walls are not the only place where you need to paint. There are different ways to liven up your master bedroom with paint. You can experiment with ceilings, trim, floors, and even your furniture. While it needs patience and time to wield a paintbrush on surfaces other than bedroom walls, the result comes at the end, when you have a completely custom-colored bedroom.

If you are living for rent, you can still paint your walls. Look for removable wallpaper and then strip it easily without causing any damage to the underlying wall when you want to remove it.

  • Picture holders: You must be having plenty of photos. Hang up cards, notes, movie tickets and various other kinds of paper memories to develop an eclectic yet easy and simple display for your room.
  • Tape pinboard: If you are among those who have not heard about Washi tape till now, you are missing out something major. It is made of different colours and comes in a bunch of funny patterns and can be removed easily. You can use Washi tape pinboard for decorating your mirrors, wall, and windows.
  • Design and textures: Using light floor-length curtains are also important for adding a new look to your bedroom. You can also opt wooden paneling, along with the pillows and bedspread, combines brilliantly for a great bedroom space. Simpler elements like great pillows, hanging lamps, framed pictures add additional bits of flair to the bedroom.
  • Beautify corkboard: Don’t use the same old boring corkboard. Beautify it with paint or fabric and make it look extraordinary.
  • Change the view of your bedroom: This is one of the easiest ideas for a complete bedroom makeover that you can try. Sometimes you just need to change the scenery. That can be as simple as changing the arrangement of your bed and other furniture. Think outside the box and try to place our bed in front of a window or try to place it on an angle.
  • Accessorize: It is the step in which you add personality to the bedroom with different accessories. According to experts, “Bedrooms are a great place to show the photographs of your loved ones. Buy some new frames or you can even paint your old frames to give new life to the pictures. Make sure you place a bedside light for reading purposes. You can even a comfy chair in your bedroom. This chair can be used for reading or wearing footwear in the morning. Even if the chair requires upholstery, you will not require much fabric and can easily transform an ugly chair into an attractive one.

Ultimately, consider adding a few beautiful objects that have some purpose. You can choose a small dish for corralling jewelry, a vase for keeping flowers, and one or two unique mementos of your interests and travels. Accessories do not have to be expensive to be elegant and pretty.

  • Magnet board: For making this item, you don’t have to purchase a costly magnetic board. Choose a fun, coloured cookie tray from the market and stick in over the wall with some interesting poster stickers. Following this, decorate it with wide varieties of colourful paper along with magnets of different size.
  • Earring holder with a cheese grater: It is one of the easy and affordable ways to keep your earrings protected from tangling. For making this, take a cheese grater, spray paint it. Once dry, paste large beads using hot glue at the bottom. This acts as the feet of the earring holder. Keeping this in your bedroom not only beautifies the overall look of the room but also keeps the earrings intact.
  • Chalkboard table: You can make an old and boring looking table look interesting using some chalkboard paint. You can write down all your creative whims, to-do lists, phone numbers, and doodles.
  • Doormat using old T-shirts: This will take some time. For this, you must first collect five to eight old t-shirts, a doormat. Cut the t-shirts into different sized strips, some long and some short. Using a hot glue paste the strips into different rows on the mat.
  • Floor cushions: Cut long strips of colorful fabric and stitch them on two huge fabric circles. Then sew them together and fill the same to make huge, comfy floor cushions.

Try these ideas for a complete bedroom makeover. These are easy and simple to use and you can don’t have to spend too much money.

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