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Best Indoor Plants for a Small Space

There are a few important things that can make your home look beautiful and look like an adult’s home: A bar cart, a bookshelf, and most importantly, an indoor plant. But let us admit- most of us are not plant experts and do not know where to start, which are the best among wide varieties of indoor plants.

When it comes to indoor plants, many people say that they cannot go for indoor plants because of a small space. It does not matter if you do not have tons of square footage does not matter. Still, you can have greenery in and around your house. All these indoor houseplants occupy a minimum space, and many of them even do not require much sunlight and most of these small indoor plants are quite easy to maintain. No matter whatever is your skill level, how much empty space you have, your taste, there is an indoor plant for you.

Having a plant inside your home will not only make you like you have got this adulting thing, but indoor houseplants also reduce both psychological and physiological stress. In addition, indoor plants are great at purifying the air inside your home by filtering everyday pollutants. So, let’s start.

Wide Varieties of Indoor Plants

ZZ Plant

ZZ plants need less water than other plants, so you are saved! It will blossom in bright, indirect light, but can also live in low light if you have less sunlight inside your house. If you are looking for an indoor plant that does not need much maintenance, then the ZZ plant is the right option for you.

Snake plant

Do not let the name scare you. This plant gets its name from its thin, upright leaves with irregular green banding that looks like a snakeskin. Apart from looking cool, this indoor plant does not need too much maintenance and is popular for surviving droughts, making it apt for the newbies living in any environment. Although the Snake plants demand bright sunlight, it can survive in low sunlight too. They are one of the best indoor plants that can filter out harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, and trichloroethylene so that you and your loved ones can breathe in the fresh air.

Spider plant

If you want to buy indoor plants that will give you instant jungle vibes, then go for the spider plant. It is simple to take care of this plant. It needs bright light, but not direct sunlight. This makes it perfect to keep it inside rooms that have large windows. Make sure you keep it away from the windowsill. It is fun to have this plant around as it grows “baby spider”, which can be easily spread. It also purifies the air by removing both xylene and formaldehyde.

Coffee Plant

It is true that a small Arabica coffee plant will not be able to fulfill your coffee habit, but these plants are beautiful and quite easy to take care of. You might even get a few beans occasionally which you can roast and brew a cup of tasty coffee. If they become dry, their leaves will start getting droopy, but once you start watering them, they will be back to normal. Coffee plants also require medium sunlight.

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