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Cool & Stylish Balcony Decorating Tips

how to decorate your balcony

A private outdoor space is a dream of many, especially those who live in apartments- even if it is a small balcony. If you have a balcony, then you owe it to yourself and your friends to get the best out of it. This means doing something more than putting out a lawn chair outside. No matter how small it is, there are plenty of modern balcony ideas that can make the space look unique and stylish. Here are a few ways to decorate your balcony.

Ways to Decorate your Balcony

Keep a small table

If you are looking for an easy balcony design, then it is not mandatory to have an expansive balcony. Even if you have a small balcony you can make it look beautiful. You can enjoy your morning coffee sitting on your balcony if you put a cafe table and chair. However, choose furniture that folds up easily so that you can store it inside if required. One of the significant ways to decorate your balcony is to keep different types of plants.

Go for built-in seating arrangement

Increase your square footage by placing built-in bench seats. Using this home decor idea, you do not have to worry about winds knocking over your furniture and making them fall.

Set up an AI Fresco Dining

If you are looking for apartment balcony privacy ideas to create a stylish balcony where you can even enjoy your dinner, then make some shade, and bring in some unique style- with an attractive sunshade. It would look great if you could use bright shades like yellow as this will add a cheerful touch to the place. For making the dining table stand out, you can try to place a blue bowl and a red vase. This arrangement will give a unique appearance to your small balcony.

Keep floor pillows

One of the interesting ways to decorate your balcony is to use floor pillows. For those who want to know how to decorate a small balcony with a minimum budget, here is one of the best and cheapest ideas. If you do not have enough money to invest in outdoor furniture, especially if you are living in a rented apartment, no issues. Get a few comfortable and colorful pillows. These can be used as a decorating item and can be used for relaxing too.

Start a small garden

Do you love gardening, but not able to do anything because of less space? You can continue your interest by planting some in-house plants in the balcony. Make sure you choose plants that do not need much hard work and maintenance.

 Improve architectural details

If you have a wrap-around style balcony, highlight that architectural detail by decorating your anchor pieces around the corner. Also, you can keep a stunning dining room vignette which will lead your observation outside to the balcony. And the pink sheers blowing in the wind have an indisputable appeal, not to refer to the soft glow they emit all over the space.

popular balcony decorating ideas

Make an ever-lasting impression

So, do you think the entryway is the only place where you can create a killer impression? Apart from your entrance, you can do so on your balcony too. How? Set a small console table for creating a special design moment outside. Your guests will be able to see this beautiful balcony sanctuary even before stepping inside. If you are looking for ideas to renovate a balcony, then instead of placing a huge outdoor sofa or chair, choose a slim bench. It will occupy less space and will be very cozy if you add throw pillows, cushions, or a blanket.

Add a cover

Balcony cover ideas are one of the unique ways to decorate your balcony. Cover your balcony to create shade and protection from sunlight and rain. There is no need to build a permanent overhead structure though. Rather, secure outdoor fabric or a rope to the corner pillars for having a bohemian look.

Hang a pendant light

A metallic pendant light is one of the best ways to enhance your exteriors. But, as it is not your living room, include some nature-inspired materials like ceramics and burled wood.

Draw the attraction outside

If you have a great view outside and your living room opens onto the balcony, then you must draw the attention outward with placing strategic furniture. You can use sculptural chairs in any right color. These will look attractive and direct your guest’s eye to the outside view. You can even enjoy your evening coffee there.

Use a privacy screen

An attractive privacy screen can cover your stylish small balcony. Adding a privacy screen will not only protect the things kept in the balcony from rain and sunlight, but you can enjoy your cozy and romantic moments too without anyone disturbing you. Usually, these screens come with little fasteners that make them easy to hang.  Add some greenery with potted plants.

Water Hyacinth Furniture

There cannot be anything like the appearance of hand-braided natural materials. There are many home decorating stores that sell furniture made of woven water hyacinth. The fibers add a nice texture to the whole area that is both sophisticated and rustic. It is not surprising that outdoor furniture made from the material was a big hit on the French Rivera in the 1940s.

Treat your balcony as a living room

One of the simplest ways to decorate your balcony is to use a living room design idea. Make sure it is a place where you want to spend some quality time. You can keep two armchairs, a coffee table, a comfortable couch, a pendant light, and an area rug. As it is an outdoor area, flea market products and weathered pieces will fit in perfectly.

best decorating tips for balcony

Put some string lights

One of the easiest ways to decorate your balcony is to use some beautiful string lights. To set a romantic scene on your balcony after the sunset, you can wrap some string lights around the railing. And of course, you must not forget the staples that include a runner, throw pillows, and small side table or stool and enjoy a drink of your choice.

Fix an eye-catching awning

Large-scale planters and an attractive chair are the only things you need for decorating a balcony. A graphic black and white striped awning, a sleek white sconce, and terrazzo tile floors that match with the exterior wall will look amazing.

Place multi-functional furniture

You can experiment with your carpentry skills and make multi-functional furniture. Or else, you can even buy them. Usually, this type of furniture comes with a lot of seating space with a vertical and horizontal storage facility. In the vertical area of the furniture, you can keep small objects and different plants. The crates under the bench can be used to hide stuff or can also be used as additional tables or seats.

Create a vacation vibe

If your balcony is large and has enough space, place some lounge chairs for reading and sunbathing instead of keeping classic patio furniture. Then, you can hang a hammock too for open-air naps.  

These were some of the popular small balcony decorating ideas that you can follow for a stylish and different look.

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